Attractions nearby...


During your stay at Holiday Haven, you can find lots of things to do around Woodbine, NJ. Check out the sites and places around here.



Cape May

Famous for their picturesque victorian houses. Cape May is 45 minutes away from Holiday Haven and always a treat for our guests to visit.


Tuckahoe Station

Tuckahoe Station, is located in the Tuckahoe section of Upper Township, Cape May County, New Jersey. This is 5 mins from Holiday Haven. The station was built in 1894 and was added to the National Register of Historic Places on June 22,1984. The cape May Shore Lines offers excursion trips from Tuckahoe to Richland.


Ocean City

Beat the crowd. The beach is 12 miles away from Holiday Haven Campground. Enjoy the sun and the waves whenever you feel like it.

You can order Ocean City Beach passes in the office for $20.00 each pass. (Children 12 and over need a beach tag.)

Storybook Land

A short 15min ride downtown, you'll find this amazing amusement part that is just right for every family. Enjoy a day on the rides and the many attractions at Storybook Land and come home to your relaxing site at Holiday Haven.